Write for Us – Guest Post Guidelines

If you are interested to share your insights about becoming a blogger feel free to get in touch and share with us a guest post. Use email howbecomeblogger@gmail.com for sending your guest post.

Guest posts should be closely related to the topic of the HBB website, and that is becoming a blogger.

Here are guidelines you should follow:

  • Send email with subject: Blogging Guest Post – “The Headline of the Guest Post You Want to Send to Us”
    • any other email subject will not be open because of high emails received so this subject acts as a filter for guest posts
  • Guest post should be divided into sections for easier reading
    • check other posts on the website to see how posts looks
  • Sections should have headings, H2, H3 etc…
    • this gives more quality to the readers and makes the long posts easier to read
  • Sections inside blog post should have bolded words that are important and that must be emphasized
    • bold words stands out from the large sections of words
  • Guest post should be minimum 1000 words
    • all posts on the websites are long and comprehensive so our goal is to maintain that level of quality
  • Guest post should have image after each section inside post
    • image should give more details to the words you write. Image/chart gives more explanation to the reader. And beginners in trading likes to see more explanation with examples/images/charts
  • Guest post topic should be related to bloggin niche
  • The company will not accept guest posts that are plagiarized or won’t add value to the audience
  • The guest posts must carry one internal link to hortobecomeblogger.com website to give the value for readers
  • The guest posts must also carry two external links to authority websites such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc but linking with anchor word that makes sense
    • Please avoid using anchor words like “click here”, “read more” etc…
  • The guest post must be on english language and free from all types of grammatical and spelling mistakes
    • we do not want to spent time fixing errors and spelling mistakes
  • Guest post must have featured image
  • We do not accept marketing/sales-related content
    • linking to other websites should not be on sales pages, but on informative pages
  • Guest post content should include focus keyword
    • avoid using keyword stuffing
  • Guest post content should be SEO optimized
  • Content must be unique. Please do not send us content that was published somewhere else.
  • Once the post is published on howtobecomeblogger.com please do not publish it anywhere else
  • True original content please – not a rewrite of existing content