Blogging Experience

Set the right foundation for blogging by reading neccessary steps from my experience

Blogging Experience

When I have started, and even today, I like to read what others have done to be where they are now.

I want to see what steps they took, what obstacles they have encountered, what they do to make money, how they solve issues when they have them and so on.

It is valuable information that beginners in blogging have so I have decided to share my own experience with you.

In this blogging guide I will put some of my thoughts and problems I am facing now so you can see what I have done to solve them.

If you have a better solution just leave a comment.

My Journey as a Blogger - First Months

Check what I did in the first months of my blogging journey

Blog Traffic Statistics - October 2020

Here are my results from October 2020

Blogging Experience - Losing Focus

You will see how easily is to lose focus when blogging and then end up losing so much of precious time

I Had a Huge Sudden Drop in Bounce Rate - The Cause

I had some problems with bounce rate analytics. This is what it was and I have solved it

Blogging Journey - November 2020

Here are some insights into November 2020

Blog Traffic Statistics - November 2020

Here are some stats from November 2020

Blogging Guides

Main Blogging Guide

1. Blogging for Beginners
2. Blogging Journey Experience
3. Online Course Creation
4. Blogging Journal