Blogging for Beginners

Set the right foundation for blogging by reading neccessary steps from my experience

What is Blogging

in this blogging guide you will see what is needed to start a blog and how to manage the blog.

If you are just starting you will need time to invest to learn and then to make it happen.

If you have a day job, prepare to invest at least 1-2 hours per day at the start, on weekends more, to start the business.

Blogging is a business if you want to make it happen and make money out of it.

How I Started Blogging Actually for FREE

I have started blogging for free and it took several months to understand what is blogging. Check what you can do if you are just starting

Tips How to Start Blog and Become a Blogger

Tips are always a good help to learn from someone else experience

How to Become a Blogger on WordPress Self Hosted Website

If you want to blog and make money then self hosted website is a must

How Many Blog Post to Have Before Publishing Blog

This is for you if you just started. Sometime it is good to have several posts ready before publishing a blog

How to Easily Create Staging Site on Bluehost

When you edit your blog for some reason you need to have another place where to test those changes. Stagging site is for that

Switching From Bluehost to Siteground - My Experience

The time comes when you grow big enough to start looking better service to expand. I have done that so here is article that explains what I have done

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Fiverr

When you want to promote something you look for cheap solution like Fiverr gig. I have done that

Blogging Guides

Main Blogging Guide

1. Blogging for Beginners
2. Blogging Journey Experience
3. Online Course Creation
4. Blogging Journal