At the beginning I did not have a plan what and when to do. I had no blogging experience.

I was wondering around searching for information’s how to make a blog and what steps I should follow in order to increase my website rank and how to get visitor to my site.

Main occupation in my mind was how to bring traffic. What are the ways I can use to increase traffic unmber. When I have traffic money will come to my pocket because I hae placed ads and any bloggers says that you can make a lot of money.

And I have added some ads and tried throgh facebook bring visitors to my site. I also have read that it is not good to have ads placed on your website at the beginning because you can make a reader unpleasant with ads.
When you see ads in the article or when you get pop up, you are distracted and you cannot enjoy reading.

And that is true. I do not like that pop up jumps while I am reading. Those that are inside article I even do not see because many readers have ad blindness. Ad blindness is when you do not see an ad inside article because it is not important to you and you know that it is something unworthy.

at the beginning I have placed ads on my blog but later on I have decided to remove them. From 03/2019 up to 12/2019 I did not had any ad on the blog.

Later on I decided to place them on the blog because I wanted to make some money. I did not sell anything as my product nor did I sell something as affiliate.

While working on bringin traffic to the blog I have spend a lot of time on facebook. That was the only place where I know it how the system works.

I have placed links in the comments and I shared on the feed line on other groups.

What I have read while doing those things was not to leave your links in the comments because you do not give vaule to the discussion. You can end up banned from facebook groups because you are promoting yourself without bringing value to their readers.

I did not care about that because I wanted to bring traffic to my site and I wanted that some one clicks on the ad so I can make some money.

I also wanted to have that reader as a subscriber because everyone was saying that e-mail list is very important.

And I can say that I have learned lesson. While you leave a comment on facebook or anywhere else without giving value with that comment you are only spamming.

Imagine if you have your own blog. And some of your readers ask you something in the comment section.

You leave a reply and after you someone comes and leave a reply with only a link to his website or referral link.

Would you feel bad and think like this: “Look this spammer. He wants that someone clicks on his link. He even did not reply on the question.

You would probably delete that comment. If you are owner of the facebook group, you would probably remove that user from your group.

Now you can imagine why my commenting was not good. And I did not polute to much results from facebook. Simply because I did not give value to the readers.

Later on when I have changed my way of doing and leaving a comment the traffic was coming to my blog because of good comments and valuable link.

I have started to comment about the topic I was reading and their readers wanted to see what I have to offer them with the link I have left. Because they have seen that my comment is valuable and they wanted to see more valuable information from my side.

If the reader sees a value in you and your blog he will come again to your blog and read what you have to say.

Similar as you alwas come bak to the store where you have found a good article that you were looking for. And you know that the next time you come again to that store you will find good articles taht can be valuable to you.

That is called satisfied customer or reader.

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