In this blogging guide you will find many tutorials and steps I have taken to become a blogger.

You will see how to start a blog, which host to use, how to get around in WordPress dashboard and many other related steps with blogging.

As you move forward I will show you how to use your blog and increase visits. What was working for me and what did not. All the information I provide here is my own experience I had because there was no mentor who could show me what to do.

I have made an online course, then I have bought a membership site which is bringing me profits on a monthly basis.

In this part I will show you what works and what not based on my own experience.

I wish you a happy blogging journey because it can be worth investing your time.

Blogging Journal

This blogging guide will show you what I have experienced in my journey as a blogger. It will be written about what happened on a certain date and week depending on the situation.

You will see what problems I have encountered, what steps I have taken to solve them and what was the solution.

This can help you understand what problems you will face when becoming a blogger by writing blog posts.

I hope my solutions for problems I have experienced will help you save time if you experience them also.

Blogging Journal Records

Learn from my experience what problems I had and how I solved them

Guide From a Beginner to a Blogger

In this part of your blogging journey you can expect articles related to starting a blog, preparing a blog, managing blog plugins and wordpress.

Then I will show you what I have done on the blog related to SEO, keyword research, site structure, etc…

Blogging for Beginners

From a begginer to a blogger. In this section you will have all what is needed to becmoe a blogger. Learn from my experience and make money blogging

Online Course Creation Blogging Guide

This blogging guide part will show you what I have done to create an online course.

Which tools I have used and how I used them. It is good to show you what is the best practice using them because you can waste time if doing it wrong. As I have done at the start, but I have learned from my errors and I have improved in time.

Then you will see how to sell that course to your audience and how to make a landing page.

Online Course Creation

All what is needed to know how to create an online course. Learn from my experience

Blogging Journey

In this part of blogging guide I will show you my stats on the website I am running. It is another website, not this one.

I will show you what I have done in a specific months so you can get a feeling what my blogging experience was.

I hope it will help you understand what you can expect and how to solve some problems you encounter.

Blogging Experience

Dive into blogging experience and learn from it

Blogging Guide About Membership Site

In this blogging guide part will show you what I have done to create a membership site and how do I manage the site.

I will show you steps how I started with the membership site, what problems I had and how I solve them.

You will see that the membership site is not so easy to manage and there are lots of stuff you do not know now if you do not have memership site.

Membership Site Guide

All what is needed to have a membership site subscription based and what you can expect running it