Pillar Page Content is the meat of the pillar page which serves as a base ground for the impressions and rankings.

That is what I have concluded in my blogging journey.

Pillar Page Content

After I changed blog structure in May 2021 I have seen a rise from 800 keywords to 2900 keywords on my blog.

The difference was that I have made pillar+cluster structure for my blog posts. Here you can read more about that where I have made pillar content templates for specific keywords.

Earlier pillar page content structure was simple without too much interlinking between posts and they were not grouped.

That means I had blog posts on the blog that did not point to one main blog post or cornerstone post also called pillar post.

They were linking between blog posts when it was appropriate. They did not interlink to one main post which would send link juice to it.

Here are they key steps I have done:

  1. I have made 7 groups meaning 7 pillar page with content
  2. I have made 7 blog post categories
  3. On the sidebar I have added menu with links to those pillar pages, but not to all of them – I have explained that in the pillar content template page
  4. Inside each blog post I have done interlinking to pillar page and other posts inside that group, but also to other pillars pages and posts inside those group
  5. I have added navigation for PREVIOUS and NEXT post inside each post
  6. I have added breadcrumbs for each blog post and pillar page

Each of those steps were done at that time.

In the blogging journal where I explain the May 2021 journey I have explained how I did each step in detail.

I suggest you take a look at what I have done so you can understand what I am talking about now.

Pillar Page Blog Posts

After a few months, and now it is November my number of keywords have dropped to 1900. For some reason.

Pillar page keyword drop

I have not published any new blog posts in those pillar pages groups, but I have posted each week’s blog post related to market analysis.

Did not posting on the blog had any impact on the keyword number drop I do not know.

So, I wanted to change something. I wanted to see how to return back up so I get more traffic.

What I have done as a first step is to write a few more blog posts inside one of the pillar pages.

With each blog post I have made a video and published it on Youtube channel.

That way I wanted to give more exposure to my blog because people love to watch videos.

With this move I have made a new standard for new blog posts. and that is to make a video for a post after I have finished writing. It takes time, but it is worth it because I am getting new traffic from Youtube and later on I can monetize that channel to become one more source of income.

When the blog posts were published I have seen some rise in keyword numbers and in the impression on google search console.

But, to say 100% that new blog posts were the trigger I cannot say that. Maybe something else has triggered because in the meantime I have published on the Investing.com(DA 90) site with the backlink to my website.

So, that also could be a trigger. But, I will see what will happen then.

Add More Pillar Page Content for Cluster Pages

The next step I decided to do as a test is to change Pillar page content.

And by change I mean to add some content.

When I have made the Pillar page I have done that by putting links to cluster pages without writing any content about that topic on the pillar page.

So, I was thinking – how can Google rank my Pillar page for the keyword without having any content on the page with keywords inside? there were only links to cluster pages.

By that I mean I have put the sentence as an introduction and the link to the cluster page. There was no more content that would explain in detail that pillar page keyword I want running after.

So, I was thinking if I put some content with the main keyword I want pillar page to rank for then google may understand that I have pillar page with that keyword.

Just to tell you that in the google search console I had two keywords for that pillar page. Simply the pillar page did not rank for any keywords which was not a good thing.

Below is an image of the current status for that page.

Pillar page analytics

You can see that over a three months period I do not have any impressions on the google. Only 33 impressions which is terrible.

My goal is to rank for the keyword with high potential to get a large number of visitors. And with this number of impressions it will not be enough.

So I have made some content on the pillar page and I will see after three months if there is any change.

I hope to see keywords ranking for the pillar page.

Process of Adding Pillar Page Content

The way I have added the content on the pillar page was, before any link to the cluster page I would write an introduction for that cluster.

Introduction was to take H2 and H3 headings from the cluster page and  a short overview about it.

For example if the link to the cluster page is about the Forex market I would take all H2 headings from that cluster page and describe them on the pillar page.

That way I would introduce the visitor to what the cluster page is about. If it is interesting it will click on the link and read cluster page content.

One thing that is good also is that the pillar page is filled with long tail keywords because cluster content is long tail keyword post for the pillar keyword.

Here is an example just to show you what I mean.

Forex Market Cluster Page Headings:

  • What is Forex market
  • Forex market hours
  • Forex market participants

Now, I would take those heading and in the pillar page I would describe each heading with a sentence or two.

Like this:

Pillar Page is: Forex

Keyword I want Pillar page to rank for: Forex

Cluster Page: Forex market

This is the content I have put in the pillar page before the link to the cluster page.

What is Forex market for a trader is a place where you can make money by trading. It is a place where Forex market participants use their investment to make more money and become financially free.

If you are a trader there a trading hours when the market is open. If you want to find out more about the Forex market then check the next article.

Here I have put Link to the Forex market cluster page.

That was my idea how to add content to the Pillar page so it ranks for keywords. There are other links to cluster pages and each has some content with the main keyword for the pillar page and with heading from the cluster page I will link to.

Now I will wait until the three month period passes.

04.12.2021. – I will update this post after I see the results.

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