Stay Focused on Your Blogging Goals

The problem I am facing now and then is that I work on one topic and little by little I turn somewhere else. I lose focus on the topic I am working on right now.

As that happens and I start to read something else which is interesting to me at that moment I stop working on my target and goal I have set earlier.

This makes a problem for me because I stop doing what I should do and then I miss my targets with specific topics. At the end this makes my blog not finished by the time I have planned and my goals are not reached.

Sometimes this forces me to speed up the topics and eventually they have lower quality instead making them with high quality.

The thing is that I like to read a lot about other stuff and especially the things I will have in the future as one of my goals.

Example How Easy is to Lose the Focus

As an example I am right now working on my online course. I am writing a script which I will record and later on use to merge with video.

While doing the script I am working parallel on my PowerPoint presentation which will be used in video recording.

The problem that happens is that I have a plan to research how to host online courses, how to make a membership for my users that will buy online courses. I have a plan to find the best solution where to host my online course. Is it gonna be on my wordpress website with plugins or I will find a website that hosts online courses and offers membership solutions.

And because my writing script goal is sometimes boring, I stop doing it and then turn my focus on reading these topics which I have planned to research later on.

I waste a lot of time reading that and my script is waiting.

What to do When You Lose Focus on Blogging Goals

What I have found in my blogging experience is that even if I do have a schedule when I will do the topics from my list, I need to rest from it.

I did not mention that I have found out that if you want to have good results you need to have a plan. I have made one this year with the steps of what I am gonna do and until when.

The plan has rough estimation because I cannot say when I am gonna do some steps with a precise deadline. I have made steps by weeks and months and for now this is giving good results.

Let’s get back to the topic.

When I am doing the steps I get bored and exhausted. It seems I cannot work too much on the same topic so I start to read about something else.

When I do that I take a rest. I rest my brain and after that I can get back to the first topic I was working on. In this case the first topic is the online course script.

It seems that I need to refresh myself in order to continue doing the script.

This should not be odd because if we always work on the same thing it will become hard to continue working on it and we will become bored.

Monotonous work is not attractive to me and I need something that will leave me focused and fresh.

What I can say from my example is that you should take a rest and read something else except what you have planned to do each day. And if that job is the same job for a quite long time you should take a rest and refresh yourself.

That way you can start fresh and new ideas will come from your head and you will continue working with higher quality.

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