18.11.2020. Keyword Cannibalization

I have changed my cornerstone pages where I have two pages with the root keyword the same. First three letters were the same and the fourth word was different.

I have noticed that in my google search console I do not have any impression on my page that was published later, and I mean a year later, than the first page which had 4 letters.

It seemed that the new page did not pass through google and it could be that I have cannibalized the keyword.

I have started to make modifications on the new page and to transfer all words to the old page with four words. My old page has a lot of impressions, but the page is in a place where no one will see it.

I have put my current status on that page so I have it for reference. I will monitor if the change has any impact on my google rankings for that page. After the change is done now I have one cornerstone or pillar page which targets a keyword with four words. 

November 2020 google search console stats

As you can see my current position is between 50 and 100 and it is always like that. There are no movements towards better rankings. I hope this move will help to rank the page higher.

I have changed the link structure and now all posts that were pointing to the new cornerstone page are linking to the old page. I have merged the content into one page and I hope this link structure will also help.

The reason why I have done the linking structure is to increase the importance of the old page. If the problem was in splitting strength between these two cornerstone pages I hope this solution will help solve the problem.

I will check once a while what are the stats. I will also put the results for other pages I have linked.

Here is the current status of the linking structure I have taken from the google search console. 

External and internal links 18112020

I will also follow these stats to see does my internal linking structure has any effect. I hope the results will improve through time so I can rank the page much higher in SERP.

What I have also done on the posts I have merged is that I have put backlink to the main cornerstone page. I am doing that because at the beginning of this year I have decided to make a silo link structure to get the best link structure I can. That way I am trying to get the best rankings on Google.

If you want to read more about the linking structure I have used you can read more about it.

Bruce Clay – SEO Silos

Black Hat World

Here you can find a lot of useful stuff so I suggest you read it and practice what you read. 

Posts Are Not Ranking for Keywords

By looking at my performance in Google Search Console I have noticed that some of my posts are not ranking for any words even if they are older than a year.

Well, at the beginning I have started to write posts which I thought will be useful. But the story is the other way around. I needed to write posts with keywords that are looked at by the people on Google.

Well, I have found that at the beginning of this year and I have changed my blogging style in April 2020.

I have made a complete list of keywords from SEMRUSH and since then I am writing posts only by the schedule I have made. The schedule consists of cornerstone pages, which I have shut down one of them, and each post is linked from the cornerstone page.

The logic is to make a cornerstone page and fill the content with links to posts on the same topic, but with long tail keywords. The link comes back from the post to cornerstone page.

When I am done with posts for one cornerstone page and all posts for that page I move to another cornerstone page.

For now I have a plan to have 3-4 cornerstone pages and posts for them.

What I have found by making pages and posts is that my blog should focus on one topic. And to make that topic narrow as much as possible. 

Thinkific LMS

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Make a Blogging Topic Narrow

I have seen that my posts are not ranking high place and mostly that is because I have a lot of posts that are not narrow.

As time passes I understand that I always see someone writes that I should narrow my niche and make the topics narrow to become an expert and so my pages and posts can rank higher.

Well, as I learn and time passes I change my blog accordingly. I am not paying for any service to point in the right direction, but only reading and testing.

When I get an idea I read about the idea because there is always someone who has tried the same idea. If I see that idea have some results I start to put that idea on my blog.

While I have now scheduled for one year of posts and I have made changes on my blog where I have merged two cornerstone pages into one I will wait until I make modifications in my post.

I will then look and try to narrow my niche topics so I can rank higher for those topics.

I am also working on my online course where my one cornerstone page will support the topic because the page is all about the topic of the online course.

The blogging experience I got and lesson I have learned here is that I should have my cornerstone pages written for my online courses.

That way I have content that will support my course and I will easily bring new customers to my course.

The way I have done it for now is that I have wide niche topics and my visitors will not be directed towards course topics. That way I will have less possible customers.

Well, what I can say.

I am learning a lot and it takes time to put all ideas into reality.

This is all for now. I will update this post when I see I have forgotten something. If not, I will put a link to another post where you can read my future results.

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