Blog Monthly Statistics – October 2020

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Overall Montly Blog Statistics in October

And November has come to an end and here I am sharing with you current blog monthly statistics for November 2020.

I did not have so much change in the statistics because I am working on my Online Course and parallel to that I have done some more new stuff. I have opened a few facebook groups so I can share my knowledge to beginners and experienced visitors.

I have published my articles on the analysis to already used websites, but the major portal did not publish my analysis for some reason. Because of that I did not have so many visitors as in the previous month.

But there is a lot of other data you can see that can help you in your blogging journey to increase monthly blog statistics.

Google Search Console Blog Monthly Statistics in November 2020

What I can see on the monthly session statistic is that I had a nice number of sessions.  I also had a nice number of clicks on a monthly basis compared to other months on my blog.

But, what is sticking out is the CTR(Click Through Ratio) which is not good. Less than 1% is a very low CTR ratio so this is something I need to improve.

From 70 000 impressions I had only 560 clicks. That is a very bad percentage and I can say that I am not doing ok.

The fourth parameter is the position. It is ok because it is below 50. When I started this was around 100 which means not good at all. I am not showing in search results because who would want to go 10 pages in the search result page.

This is also a parameter I need to improve, but as the time passes I know I will move to a better position because Google is ranking my pags much better as time passes. I think the reason is that I am working on my website. 

Blog Monthly Statistics Google Search Console November 2020

Google Search Console Blog Monthly Statistics in November 2020 Compared to October 2020

I have compared my blog statistics with the previous month to see how I am doing. Am I moving forward or backward?

What I can see half of my parameters have improved, but two of them have declined.

Total clicks and total impression has increased, but CTR has declined and blog position has declined.

Impressions have increased because I have more keywords on better positions in the google search result page. And also I have new keywords I am fighting on the web. As impressions have increased and the number of clicks have increased.

Number of clicks should be better because if I can maintain and improve CTR above 1% more better results will come.

If I get into more details what could be a problem then I think CTR is a variable thing that can jump around every month.

I will pay attention to this and see if the CTR declines even more or this is usual variation.

Goal is to keep increasing impressions and consequently the number of clicks should follow. To keep impressions going up I have every week one post scheduled and new keyword to rank for. 

Blog Monthly Statistics Google Search Console  November compared to October 2020

Internal and External Blog Links in November 2020

One more important thing in google search console is that I am tracking my blog link statistic. Those numbers are increasing and that is good.

If I have more links the better will blog advance. That is because the link shows my pages to more people and more visitors will come. Those links tell Google that my content is good and should be shown to the people when they search for the content I have.

I have a problem here and I will solve it in the next year, and that is to have more external links or backlinks to my website. I have a plan to make guest posts to increase blog traffic and blog statistics.

This will give me more visitors and google will see that my blog is a good one because other blogs and websites are linking to me. 

Google Search Console links November 2020

Google Analytics Blog Monthly Statistics in November 2020

Here is the blog visitors statistics. As you can see I had a nice number of visitors, but comparing this to websites that have 100 000 of visitors per month, my blog is not so good.

But, as I progress forward I am increasing the number of visitors. That is visible in the next image.

Here I can point out that I had a bounce rate around 50%, but it is not correct information because I had an issue with bounce rate and pageviews.

My bounce rate was dropped down to 0(zero) because of the double google tag on my website.

With double tag my website was checking the same visitor twice which makes him as a visitor that has read more than one page on one visit.

That made a problem to my website that each visitor did not bounce from the page he visited when he landed to my website.

I have solved that issue and here are instructions how I did it if you experience the same issue.

Read more: I had Huge Sudden Drop In Bounce Rate

What is good in the blog statistics is that I had nive percentage of returning visitors.

What I need to improve is the number of sessions per user and pages per session. This should be above 2 so I have better results. 

Google Analytics November 2020

Here is also a list of countries I am receiving visitors from. The U.S. is in first place and that is nothing strange. U.S. visitors are one of the most usual visitors for any website.

The difference between countries is good and the percentage is nicely distributed.

Blog Monthly Statistics Compared to October 2020

The progress compared to the previous month is clearly visible in the image below. All areas I am tracking on the monthly basis are better in this month than in the previous month.

I will get into more details, but I want just to emphasize that this month had issues with bounce rate and pageviews due to a problem with double tags on my website. 

Google Analytics November Compared to October 2020

Number of Blog Posts Published up to Now Including November 2020

Between total amount of blog posts I have 85 of them in Analysis section so I can take that out and the total number of posts I have is:

154 – 85 = 69

If you read all my monthly blog statistics then you have seen how the number of blog posts affects the blog results.

Here I can say that it is much better to have one blog post per week than one per two weeks.

The more keywords are in google and more visitors are coming because your impressions number increases. 

Blog Post Statistics In November 2020

Blog Monthly Email Subscribers in November 2020

Here is one monthly blog statistic that is nice to have. And that is email subscribers.

How many email subscribers I have is visible on the image below. The higher number is better, but it is also important to have a higher percentage of Average Open Rate.

That means more email subscribers are opening your email and reading what you have sent to them.

The number of clicks is not so important for me right now, but it will need to increase in the future.


Because now I do not have links to click in each email I send. I will change email content in December to have at least one link to click so I can track how much the reader clicks when reading email.

I have a low unsubscribe rate which is also good, but I also clean up the list so I can remove those who do not open any email in the last 3-6 months.

First I will send them mail with notification that they will be removed if they do not open email, but I send this politely :). 

Monthly Email Subscriber In November 2020

Blog Monthly Statistics in SEMRUSH for November 2020

Here is an overview of SEMRUSH statistics. I am tracking my website with these tools because it is very useful and in the image below you can see how it looks.  

Thinkific LMS

The best free LMS you can find

What you can see on the left is that my blog stands very good in authority score. But the Domain Rank is not so good and in time this number is declining.

It is the number that shows in which position among all other domains is my domain ranking.

Those below 1 million are ok, and those below 100 000 are even better.

My goal is to reach rank below 1 million in the next year.

Organic Traffic

My traffic is shown next to Authority Score and as you can see I have around 245 organic traffic which is close to an accurate number compared with Google Analytics.

Number of backlinks is also a good sign. If this number increases it means that your blog is getting shares. Someone has listed your blog somewhere and that is a potential source of new visitors.

SEMRUSH Blog Monthly Statistics November 2020

On the bottom side you can see graphs with the data and how the data is behaving through time.

It is good to see that it is increasing which means my website is moving forward.

On the left side you can see which countries my website has the most keywords on. The U.S. is for now in first place. 

Blog Products up to Now

For now I do have only one product I am selling and that is my ebook.

I have put this ebook for sale hoping to make some money, but for now no sales. Too bad.

I am working on my online course so I hope I will hit the jackpot with that product. 

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