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Which Tools to Use to Screen Record – The Problem

I am currently finishing my script for online course creation and the next steps is to find the tool to record the voice by reading the script.

After that I need to record the screen of my computer and merge that video with the recorder script. When merging voice and video I need to have the best tools to create a perfect online course.

I have alreday seen that the first online course does not be perfect and I should publish as soon as I have recorded it. I do not need to spend a lot of time by cleaning and perfecting it.

Well, I first need to get to the end of recording online course and then I will see does my course is ready or not for publishing.

I have read a lot about tools I can use to record my online course. There are free option and there are paid options.

At this moment I do not know what fancy thing I need to have, but the only thing I know I need is that I need to record my video and script.

Tools for Recording the Voice for the Online Course

I have found that there are few types of microphones for recording my voice, but one thing I have seen that was pointed. And that is I need to find quality microphone to record a quality sound.

I have to agree with this because I have seen on Udemy where many online courses are available that sound must be good to have a good user experience.

I have seen videos where someone uses microphone build inside laptop. Some uses headphones from the smartphone and all sound very bad.

The sound should be clear and loud enough you can understand what the speaker wants to say. If you have back noise it is also not good solution.

Then, I have decided to buy a microphone that is rated highly as a perfect microphone.

Here is the one I have bought: Microphone Kingston HypeX QuadCast


I have made some test recordings and I must say it sounds great. But I need to be in quite room so I do not catch noise around me.

Screen Recording Software

Now I need to find which software to use to get the best quality of my video recordings.

I will record only my screen without recording my self so I do not need any camera for this.

I have read a lot about the tools and software I can use and mostly the one came out as the best one.

It is Camtasia software from TechSmith which is the tool that has all what is needed to make great video with high quality.

I can record my voice without filming video at the same moment. When I record my voice I can play it back so I can hear what must be improved.

I can cut the sound recording at specific place and throw out what is not good and if I want I can put something on that place. That something can be another sentence I have recorded alone.

Then, I can merge this voice with video or I can record the video first and then merge all together. I see that I have a lot of options here, but for now I need only simple ones.


Video recording and editing software

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