How to Promote Affiliate Links on Fiverr?

by Become a blogger

Blogging as a beginner and promote affiliate links or website on Fiverr is not an easy task and to do that properly you need to have money and time.

Using Fiverr affiliate marketing have a lot of scammy gigs where people says they will promote your affiliate or website to millions of people.

But, at the end that promotion ends up promoted with spammy links in the Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums and other places.

And, if you get any visitor the question is are those visitors the ones interested into your service or they are someone just clicking link and bouncing.

Or they are bots comming from affiliate link placed somewhere.

What I have seen more is that the Fiverr affiliate marketing seller have lots of profiles on social media and then we on its own clicks on the affiliate link.

I have seen seller tell their friends to click on the link and promises to give small fee for that. And if the seller has lots of gigs then he can cover lots of friends just clicking the links.

Yes, lots of scammy things, but there are ones that give their best and you get quality visitors who maybe converts to a customer.

Searching for the Fiverr Affiliate Link Promotion Service

While I want to promote my service on Fiverr I wanted to find cheap solution so I started looking the cheapest gigs. Starting from $5 and up to $10.

I also wanted to find Fiverr gig that is covering financial trading sector where my website is.

But, the results were bad and there were very low amount of possible choices.

Majority sellers were beginners without any review so it was not so easy to pick one. Majority had offers they will promote my service to audience large 100k or more.

Even it looks great that they can promote affilaite link to a large number of people, it was strange they have access to so many people.

Not having any review it was not easy to disctinct bad ones from good ones. If there are any good out there.

Fiverr Affiliate Link Promotion Sample

Below you can see image with one of the Gigs I have seen. They say they can promote affiliate link or website to 120 000 Telegram members.

What do you thik how that effective can be.

Usually those are spammy link you se in the groups and just skip them or they do not get posted because admin delete them.

Fiverr affiliate link promoting Gig offer prices

Fiverr Seller #1

I have contacted the first seller where he promised me to get 2000-3000 visitors in two days. I have payed $10 for the service and the visitors should be mostly from US and UK.

At the end I have recevied 79 visitors to my website. And, I do not know what kind of visitor was that. 

Was it the visitor who uses similar service as I am selling or someone who do not have any touch points with my or similar service.

Maybe the seller has visited my link several times and told his friends to visit the link just to have number of clicks.

Fiverr affiliate link promoting - first seller

Looking into his gig with one million social media users I would love to have 1% of that, but as it seems that is only telegram groups or a group with many members. And mostly the group is full of spammy links.

Fiverr Seller #2

Similar case with other seller I have used and payed $10. This one also said to cover 5000 large audience.

What I get after 2 days or promoting affiliate link was 18 visitors. What kind of visitors was that I do not know and I will never know.

That was 0,36% which was nothing. And not one converted to a customer.

Fiverr affiliate link promoting - second seller

This seller had 1 review with 5 star and a good comment.

Fiverr Seller #3

Third seller had 500k large audience where he will promote my affiliate link. 

He said I will get 2000 visitors in two days and way he said that was pretty clear that he will do that.

After two days of promotig I have received only one visit and that was the one I have done when testing the affiliate link.

Fiverr affiliate link promoting - third seller

How to Pick Fiverr Affiliate Marketing Service

I cannot suggest anything because I could not find a good Fiverr service to promote my website with affiliate link.

I think it depends on the niche you are in. Because more known niche like blogging could pass much better.

What I have read on other websites is that you need to spend good amount of time to find a good service. And ofcourse, test and find a good one.

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“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This does not cost you anything extra on the usual cost of the product, and may sometimes cost less as I have some affiliate discounts in place I can offer you”