How I Started Blogging ACTUALLY for FREE

by Become a blogger

My story about how I started blogging as a beginner start in 2018, April, when I was at home resting from the surgery. Surgery was an easy one but I needed to lay down and not to move too much.

Well, that was not such a big problem at the beginning. Laying down, watching TV and reading on the internet was not such a big problem but eventually it has become.

Laying too much and not moving around makes a problem to your body. You lose your muscle tissue, you do not get tired so you need less sleep and you fall asleep much harder.

Well, this topic is about how I started blogging so I will return to that topic.

While I was laying down and reading on the Internet I saw that many were buying Bitcoin and its value is rising so many started to talk about it.

I have started to read more and watch what is happening with the Bitcoin. While I was reading I found out that you can make money if you write something about it.

When people see your content you get paid something for it. And if some readers buy Bitcoin you get paid some money or you receive Bitcoin in return as a payment method.

Start Blogging and Make Money

While I was not so busy while laying down I started to read more about possibilities on how I can make that money. I could not buy Bitcoin directly because of lack of money so I decided to make some money and make some Bitcoin through writing.

My first writing was on the forum through posts where I could make money or Bitcoin if someone decided to give me their ad and I would post it in my signature.

As I was posting comments on the forum I have seen that much better solution is to have your own blog and write articles there and get more readers.

With a blog you could have much more flexibility and you could drive more readers to your content where you could make more money.

And from there my story has begun and it is how I become a blogger and start blogging.

Free Blogging for Bloggers

I have searched how to start a blog and how to become a blogger so I can start writing and get readers to my content.

Well, I was searching for something that is FREE so I do not need to pay money. I did not want to pay for something I do not know how to use and especially I did not want to pay for something that I will not use.

Maybe I will change my mind and see that writing and having a blog is not for me.

And I have registered with a free site where I could select the name of my blog and start blogging.

Since then it has passed 4 months when I have decided to migrate to the self hosted website.

Why I Did Move to Self Hosted Website and Start Blogging For Real

I have decided to move from free wordpress site to self hosted webiste because I have encounter some limitations.

While I was writing articles, articles were not written by some schedule. When I had time to write something I have wrote.

Parallel to writing on that blog I have read a lot about writing and blogging. And then I have found out that there are plugins.

Word plugins I did not encounter earlier so I did not know anything about them and I wanted to install some of them.

But I could not install them because free wordpress does not have those that I wanted to have, and those that are available were not free.

When I have found what I would like to have I have seen that is free on self hosted website. That limitation was the thing that pushed me to decide to move on self hosted website.

So, my blogging journey how I started blogging continues on the self hosted wordpress.

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