How Many Blog Posts to Have Before Publishing Blog

by Become a blogger

At the start of blogging as a beginner you will wonder should you publish your blog with only one blog post or should you have more of them. I had same problem when I have started.

I was wondering if I publish with only one post what my readers will read. But from the other side I wanted to publish it right away because I wanted to see traffic coming and I wanted to see my blog alive.

When I type my blog domain name in Google Chrome I wanted that it shows my blog. When I would see my blog alive it wold be high accomplishment for me.

I have read a lot on that topic and I have found both version. I should publish with only one post and I whould wait until I have 5 of them or 10 of them. Some even says to have 20 of them.

My problem was that I was publishing new post every one or two weeks. I could not make new post earlier than thatbecaue I was working on new posts each day for 1 hour. If I would wait to have 10 or 20 post on my blog I would need to wait half year up to one year.

That was not acceptable and I decided to publish blog when I had 1 blog post.

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That is how my journey began. I had one post published and I worked on the second one to publish it as soon as possible. And one week later another one was published.

After 4 published posts I have decied to make a plan how many and when to publish post. I made that decision because I could not follow up each week schedule because of lack of free time.

I made a plan to publish post every two weeks and since then I am following same publishing plan. I have to say that is good decision because I would needed more free time to make more posts.

Also you need to have in mind that I did not know a lot about blogging and while wwriting my posts I was reading a lot and learning new things about blog, wordpress and bloggin

Today I see that better way is to have few blog posts and then publish it. Reason is behind value you will provide to the readers that comes to your blog.

When you come to a blog with only one post. What you will do? You will leave and maybe not come again because you will think the blog is dead or someone does not work on it.

WHen google sees your website it will see only one blog and the question is will it ome back again soon or later.

When you have more blog posts you can offer more content to your visitor. Reader can stay longer on your blog and by staying longer it send a message to a search engine that your content is valuable and it is worthy of being analyzes. Then search engine will come more often to see what you have to offer to readers and you will move your way in ranking on SERP.

WHen a reader comes to your blog he expect that you will have something valuable. If you have more posts he will maybe even subscribe.

So it is important that you are ready to cover all request your reader could have.

Being prepared and having blog set up properly is very important.


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