How To Become a Blogger on WordPress Self Hosted Website

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Blogger on the WordPress Self Hosted Website

After I decied to move from free blog platform to self hosted, not FREE, I have started to research.

Before any move and buying something I needed to learn more about blogging. How to become a blogger is not easy and I have invested time to learn about blogging.

When you start to learn something new it takes time nad the best is to learn from the experience. At least that is the way I have done.

I have started to read what I need to have if I want to become a blogger. If I want to start a blog I need to have domain.

Domain is the name of your website. This means domain will be what I type in the browser. For this website I need to type so I open that website.

My domain name is

Well, there are some things to look after when you search for the domain name. The domain name should reflect the topic you will write about and domain must be free.

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And I must say it is correct because now I see when you start typing the domain name of the website you wish to visit it is easier the name that reflects the topic that is writtes about.

If you name your website and writte about puppets the name will not reflect the best idea behind the blog.

But, to name domain name as close to the topic you will write is not mandatory.

So I have come up with the name that reflects something i will write about on that blog.

The next steps was to find a website hosting that will hold my website. Hosting means the place where you will install wordpress and activate your website domain.

Hosting is a company you pay to keep and protect your website so you everyone can access to it over web browser, browser like Google Chrome.

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When I have selected ma domain name and hosting provider I needed to set up my blog.

This was not so easy. There are so many thing to watch out and to prepare before having a website running with good settings.

When I published my website it was with less functionality than it is today. But at that time that was normal because I did not get around so easily.

This should not make you afraid because all what you will see on the Dashboard on your hosting account you will learn thruogh time.

It is a process you need to go through if you want to become a blogger. Learn and make a mistake and learn from your mistakes.

When I open wordpress dashboard everything was strange to me. I did not know where to look.

Many menus on the left side and in the middle many options to select was not easy to comprehend at the beginning.

While I am curios I started to read about wordpress and how does it work and where to start.

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When I have learned how to use wordpres I started to find more information about blogging.

What would be the first step I should do to make a blog as it should be.

I have started to publish posts and promote that content on the facebook. Facebook was the first place to share because I was using Facebook and it was the easiest thing to do.

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 I have to say that I did not know what should I do as a first step back then but now I am sure that I did not do correct move. I should have make some other steps so the start is a good start.

When you try to become a blogger or anything else that you do not anything about it is good to ask someone who has done that already.

The problem for me I did not know anyone who is blogger. The only way to find more information’s was to read other blogs on the topic how to start a blog and how to become a blogger.

Well, the problem with those blogs is that they are all the same and no one shows you real steps what you should do. All bloggs tells you what would be ideal step but not one is backed up with real life examples.

If there is any please leave a comment and point me there to check because I could not find any.

To overcome that problem I will show you here. I want to show you what problems I had, and probably the ones you will have also.

I want to share my steps and problems and what are the good solutions to avoid those problems. The solution I have learned later on when I gathered enough experience.

have in mind that I am not a super blogger with tons of experience and a lot of bloggs behind me. No, I have only one blog that have around 1000 visitors monthly and I am working to have more in the future.

My intention with this blog is to show you my learning curve and to share my experience because I know it will help you. It will help you because I was searhing for the same information on the INternet when I started.

But the problem was I could not find real life example with steps taht will tell you how things work and what you should do.

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