Switching from Bluehost to Siteground – My experience

by Become a blogger

How was the Bluehost experience

When I started blogging in 2018 I have decided to use Bluehost hosting because it was the best at that moment.

I have read about pricing on the Internet which was the most important thing for me at the time.

I wanted to have hosting as cheap as possible and they even offered domain for free. I did not know a lot about hosting and domain at that time so I registered with Bluehost and I have started blogging.

At that time the price they have charged me was

  • hosting $111.75 excl. Tax
  • domain free

So, the first year cost was $111.75 which is just fine. I did not find any other hosting company with lower costs.

The next year cost for hosting and domain has rised to:

  • hosting $194.85 excl.Tax
  • domain $17.99

Which gives me totaly $212.84 which is almost double than on the first year. And I was not happy with that, but at the end it was the best offer I could get.

I need to say that the plan I have used was Hosting Plus which is not the lowest plan. I also suggest you use that because later on you will have more choice to select.

For example, I have register another domain and I did not needed to change hosting plan because Plus plan gives you ability to have more than one domain.

So, what I can say to you about Bluehost and costs for the first two years I have been with them is:

  • go for it because you will not find better price at the market

For you as a beginner who wants to become a blogger this offer is great. You will not need any other service to pay to be a blogger so plan this amount at the start.

If you want to give me a credit for telling you this you can click on the link and register on Bluehost. That way I will get some credit, but you will not pay anything more.


Beginner friendly hosting

Bluehost wordpress panel experience

When you register domain and you start your blogging thing you will be in your wordpress panel. It is a panel where you have all options to manage your site.

I had no problems at the beginning with Bluehost. If there were some glitches they are not worthy mentioning.

Later as my site increased in size what I have noticed is that my wordpress panel is a bit slow. When I want to create new post it takes time to load all what is needed.

When I have updated my blog posts it needed more time than I neded on the beginning.

This was a sign to me that I need to think about new solutions.

Then I started to read about other hosting companies and found that Siteground is the second choice to move after Bluehost.

They are more expensive, but they also give some bonus at the start.

I have also selected middle choice because I did not want to use lowest option. I wanted to be prepared for increased traffic.

You can see that their plans include traffic numbers so you should also plan for the future.

What I have noticed when I have moved to Siteground was that my user experience was really good.


Siteground Site Speed

The wordpress panel speed was great. I did not noticed it is slow. It was running on the acceptable level.

What I have noticed also is that my speed site was improved. When I load my website it loads faster. This is was also a bonus for my website because Google and user loves when your site loads faster.

You know when you want to open website and the page loads and loads. It takes few seconds to load.

Here, on the Siteground hosting, the speed was really improved.

What I can say for now, for two days I am with Siteground, is that I am really happy. The first impression is very good which is really important.

And, one thing that I want to emphasize is that their customer service is really at the level. It seems that they train their staff really good before allowing them to accept any user call.

While I was working in customer service with telecom company I know what means having a good and trained employees. That level requires investment and I can say that they are good.


What I want to suggest is that yu as a beginner bloger should use a service which you can pay at the start. If you have money then use Siteground at the start.

If you do not have money then use Bluehost until you reach some level. Later on you will easily switch from Bluehost to Siteground.

You will need few hours to set up everything. If you cannot do it yourself then there is Siteground staff that will help you do that.

Here is the link for Siteground if you choose to start with it as I have

Siteground hosting

Hosting for beginners and advanced bloggers

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